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Food Fridays: Hey, there's a Burger in my Donut!

Combinations of sweet and salty foods have been a common theme among viral food. From simply dipping your fries in a milkshake to burger inside a donut!

Maxwell’s Bar & Grill in Covent Garden, London has gone viral with their Bacon Donut Burger. Anthony Knight, their Marketing Manager, says they’ve had it on their menu since Sept. 28 and have sold over 1,300. It took...

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Tech Thursdays: Samsung is bringing The Force to your living room.

Samsung is launching a limited-edition Star Wars themed Powerbot VR7000M vacuum cleaner. You can finally have your own droid sidekick around the house!

These vacuums use The Force (and nine smart sensors) to map out the shape of your room and avoid obstacles. You can practice your Jedi skills by controlling the vacuum with the smartphone app or with voice...

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Food Fridays: Oozefest, Santa Ana’s Cheesy Food Festival

Imagine getting to eat all the mac and cheese, grilled cheese, and pizza you want. There’s a food festival for that… Foodbeast’s Oozefest!

Oozefest offers a variety of over 20+ savory and sweet cheesy menu items and all you can drink craft-beer. You can find creations like a rainbow grilled cheese, spaghetti & meatball pizza, and a bucket of nacho...

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Food Fridays: Pumpkin, Spice and Everything Nice

The leaves are falling, you take a sip of your pumpkin spice latte and everything feels right. October is here which means that Fall, Halloween, and pumpkin spice flavored foods are everywhere.

Starbucks sells their famous pumpkin spice latte every year around this time and stores release pumpkin flavored cookies, chocolates, drinks, cereals, spreads and more! According to CNN, most...

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Tech Thursdays: Google Ear Buds Translate over 40 Languages

Imagine traveling to China and having your own translator available at your fingertips. Google created Google Pixel Buds, wireless earbuds paired with the Google Pixel phone, that helps translate over 40 languages.

 All you need is a Google Pixel phone and Pixel Buds. According to CNBC, when a foreign language is spoken into the phone, Google Assistant translates back into your...

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Voice Powered Ring - Make calls Like a Spy

Voice Powered Ring - Make calls Like a Spy

The Apple Watch never got my attention but being a James Bond superfan, the Orii ring has. This ring lets you send and read text messages instantaneously without taking out your phone just by wearing the ring and touching your ear.

I like the look and the ability to customize notifications makes it more appealing. At an...

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Lunch Time Hazard

Do you have a community kitchen at work? Do you have Food Allergies? If you said yes to both of these you may want to consider a few things before using the community kitchen. It’s something most people don’t even take a second to think about but it is not something you should take lightly, food allergies are a very serious and cross contamination can occur in any community eating...

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Have a Heart Ranch Vegan BBQ

This last Saturday I had the privilege to attend the Have a Heart Ranch Vegan BBQ. My first thought when walking into this ranch was its beauty. The landscape was perfectly manicured and the animals appeared well taken care of and content. With all this I was distracted by the scent of the delicious food being made.

There were a few choices of vegan cuisine. I started with the food...

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Best Fried Chicken in the South

Have you ever had fried chicken only to be disappointed with the lack of flavor? I know I have. It seems like these days it is very hard to find good fried chicken that leaves you wanting more or thinking about it hours later. I’m talking about the fried chicken that injects a juicy flavorful explosion directly into your taste buds. Here’s a fried chicken bucket list I recently...

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