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New Peanut Allergy Treatment?

For years, parents with children who have a peanut allergy have avoided foods with peanuts altogether.  Peanut allergies are leading cause of death in food allergic reactions in the United States. A new drug developed by Aimmune Therapeutics could make a significant improvement in the lives of people with peanut allergies. 

Aimmune Therapeutics announced their peanut allergy drug succeeded in their late-stage critical trial.  The company said that more than two-thirds (67 percent) of children and teenagers aged 4-17 who had undergone the treatment were able to tolerate at least 600mg of peanut protein in a “food challenge”, versus 4 percent of patients on a placebo.

The drug is a capsule filled with “pharmaceutical-grade” peanut protein; you can break open the capsule and sprinkle it over food. Patient consuming small doses of the protein will become desensitized over time. This should reduce the chances of fatal anaphylactic shock in case of accidental indigestion. 

Analysts expect the FDA to restrict the use of the drug. The tighter label is unlikely to affect sales considering the number of patients desperate for a treatment. The success of their clinical trial caused their shares to jump 17%. Aimmune is seeking U.S approval for their oral drug by the end of 2018 and approval in Europe in the beginning of 2019. The first six months of treatment could cost upwards of $10,000; wow that's a lot of money!