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Food Friday- CBD Carl's Junior Burger

CBD Carl's Jr. Burger

Carl's Jr. is testing out a new item for their menu! Can you guess what it is? In honor of 4/20 a day known for celebrating marijuana, Carl's Junior is going to add a CBD infused burger to their menu. The new burger is named the Rocky Mountain CBD Burger.  On this cheeseburger you get two beef patties, waffle fries, pepper jack cheese, pickled jalapenos and lastly 5 milligrams of CBD that is mixed in with Carl's Jr's Santa Fe Sauce.  Now if this sounds good to you, you better make your way to Denver, Colorado because that is the lucky Carl's Jr. that is going to be selling these. I should also mention it is only there for a limited time, so if this really sounds like the burger for you I'd leave ASAP!!

Would I eat this? I may try it but I would definitely not get it with jalapeno peppers!