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Food Fridays: How Much Nugget is Too Much Nugget? The Limit Does Not Exist

If you’ve ever finished your pack of chicken nuggets and wanted more, the giant “Nugzilla” from Rub Smokehouse & Bar is for you! The Owners, Sean Singer and Luke Billingham, admit they’re obsessed with chicken nuggets. You know what they say, if you love something make it bigger.  

The United Kingdom based barbecue restaurant serves a 3-pound chicken nugget, it's about the size of 85 regular nuggets. The restaurant makes the “Nugzilla” with minced chicken thigh, tosses it with seasoned flour and serves it with fries and barbecue sauce. The giant nugget costs £29.95, that’s about $40. It’s probably cheaper to get multiple small packs, but where else can you find a giant nugget?

According to Insider Food, customers can participate in “The Nugzilla Challenge”. Challengers have to finish the entire nugget, fries and sauce by themselves as fast as possible. The Winner, who finishes under 10 minutes, receives a £250 ($328) Rub Smokehouse & Bar voucher and a t-shirt. So far, five people have won.

Would I eat this? Nope. This nugget, and this challenge, isn’t for me. I’d have to bring a few friends along to finish this deep-fried monster.