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Food Fridays: Turn Up the Heat with This Flamin' Hot Turkey

Imagine how excited you are when you arrive at your relative's house for Thanksgiving dinner. You sit at the table, start chatting with family and then someone brings out a bright red turkey!

Reynold's Kitchen introduced the Flamin' Hot Cheeto Turkey, one of their three "flavor blasted" turkeys made with popular chips. This is definitely not your Grandma's recipe! If you can handle the heat, blend or crush the Cheetos and coat your turkey before it goes into the oven. 

Reynold's Kitchen, a kitchen product manufacturer, recommends using their oven bags for this recipe. If you want even more variety, their other "flavor blasted" recipes coat the turkey with Cool Ranch Doritos or Funyun Rings and bake it in foil.

Would I eat this? I'd want to try a piece, anything to make turkey a little tastier. At least your dish would be a hit at the kid's table!