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Tech Thursday: New Tech Market Now

Two-day shipping is not enough for our impulsive active lifestyles. Oh no silly Amazon Prime that will not do. It's our product and we want this NOW! So say hello to You may say wait I have already heard of and you my friend are correct. But did you know Walmart bought them in 2016? And why did Walmart buy them? To provide us with the convenience of three-hour deliveries. Yes, I said three hours. So when you forget your partner's anniversary gift you can conveniently order it at work and bring it home just in time for dinner. For many, this may help them sleep one less night on their living room couches.

 This concept, however, will take time. Walmart is testing this wanted convenience first in New York City and will then expand to other major cities. The limitation to all this is that what you order is local. So it has an Amazon site platform with an Uber-like delivery system. Now let's just hope they can provide gift wrapping services.

Would I try this? Absolutely. I want my new shoes now!