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Tech Thursdays: Amazon Wants to Drop-Off Packages Inside Your House

One of the worst feelings is waiting all week for a package to arrive and missing it. Amazon Key is a new service that lets couriers unlock your door to drop-off deliveries. You can watch the delivery live, or later, from your smartphone using the Amazon Cloud Camera.

According to Buzzfeed, the service includes the Cloud Camera and smart lock. You can set it up by yourself or Amazon can send someone for free to install it. You get notifications sent to your phone every step of the delivery process. 

You could also buy just the Amazon Cloud Camera, which lets you check on your house. You can even speak to someone inside when you aren’t around using the Cloud Cam app’s built-in microphone. 

Would I buy this? No, it’s a great idea with a reasonable price but it’s not something I need. I’m fine with getting my packages at the door and there’s no reason for me to video surveil my house. It’s definitely a useful product for busier people, like working parents.

The service will be available starting November 8th for Amazon Prime members. The $250 service includes a Cloud Camera and smart lock. A single Cloud Camera costs $120-$140, depending on the model.


See how it works: