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Tech Thursdays: This Smart Clock Wants to Make You More of a Morning Person

Mornings are hard for most people. If you're a morning person I hope you know how jealous I am of you. But, it doesn't have to be so bad; a cool alarm clock like The Divoom Timebox can make it better.

The Divoom Timebox is a smart Bluetooth clock that displays animated art you can design. You can select or create your own pixel art, using the Divoom app, which you can assign to any notification.

These colorful displays might make you less likely to throw your alarm clock across the room every morning. The clock also has 14 built-in custom alarms, a Bluetooth speaker, FM radio, weather reports, hands-free calling, voice messages, social media notifications, and 24 built-in sleep timers.

Would I buy this? Definitely! You know what they say; the early bird gets the worm. If this smart alarm can wake me up, keep me updated, and play music then it's worth it to me. The Divoom Timebox is $70 on Amazon.