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Tech Tuesday: Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola is known for their clean refreshing taste. In the past decade, they have introduced variations like Coke Zero, Cherry Coke, Caffeine free and many other variations. The company has now decided to focus their drinks more towards the power of healing. Someone at Coca-Cola corporate decided that to heal their customers they should introduce CBD drink. What are the benefits of CBD? Anti-inflammatory, anti-nausea, and reduce pain. This is a natural medicine for many suffers. It comes from the federally illegal marijuana plant. For now execution will be tough in the US. However, for Canada, the sale of marijuana products for recreational use is legal and they are able to enjoy this healing drink at any time as long as the consumer is of age. We will have to see how the cannabis market will boom in the next couple of years. Who knows, maybe soon you could come out of the gym with a CBD Coke.

Would I try this?  Maybe, if it was legal.