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The Name's Bond, Fish Bond

Have you ever wanted to see what’s at the bottom of the ocean? Researchers from MIT are getting closer to discovering the depths of the deep blue sea.

MIT Researchers from their Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab created a robot fish that can tell us what’s really going on down there. The name’s Bond, Fish Bond… actually, the fish is named SoFi. SoFi can swim, handle currents, take photos and videos at depths of 50 feet (15 meters) for up to 40 minutes at a time. The fish is made of silicon rubber and flexible plastic, it can swim on its own, and make lifelike movements.

The fish can be controlled by a controller (think like Super-Nintendo) that can control the speed and navigate the fish in a straight line, turns, and dive up or down. SoFi is powered by a lithium battery. The fish makes a side-to-side motion with the help of a motor that makes it bend and flex.

Would I buy this? Yes.  if Sofi could detect sharks approaching, I'd have a lot more confidence when I'm out paddle boarding. Though frankly, if I was a fish, I wouldn’t believe SoFi's real. The MIT team will continue to make improvements including increasing its speed and modifying the body and tail design.