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Stay up to date with the latest news in food safety.

  • Food that is prepared at a food establishment and transported to another location must be sealed in plastic.
  • For products that are removed from their original packaging, bulk items such as flour, beans, and rice, should be stored in containers or storage bins that are durable, leak proof, and have the ability to be sealed or covered.

Cross contact is when allergens are transferred to another food item accidentally.

Remember to:

  • Wash hands, change gloves.
  • Use designated utensils and equipment.
  • Make sure your food is stored and served properly, no damages or spills.
  • Serve the Allergen Friendly® meal separately.

  • Large quantities of food can be cooled at room temperature.
  • Food is typically prepared in the Temperature Danger Zone,...

  • Identify allergies, let your server know!
  • Some establishments ask customers if anyone in their party has any food allergens.
    • In some health jurisdictions (like Rhode Island) it’s the customer’s obligation to inform the establishment if there is a food issue.
  •  Providing an allergen-friendly meal is important to everyone...

  • When testing the temperature of food with a thermometer, insert the clean probe into the thickest part of the food, which is usually the center, up to the dimple
  • To test the temperature of a casserole or the contents of a pot or chafing dish, always insert the thermometer into the center of the dish, again being careful not to touch the bottom or sides of the...

  • Cross contamination is when contaminants are transferred from unwashed hands, food surface, or equipment to another food or surface.

It happens to almost everyone, it feels like the waiter forgot to bring your food. Now you're waiting angrily and glaring at other people's food as your stomach growls.  Waiting for your server or someone to stop at your table. Wondering was my dish that hard to make?

The serving and kitchen staff are supposed to operate as a team. Their goal it to make sure that each customer...