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Imagine getting to eat all the mac and cheese, grilled cheese, and pizza you want. There’s a food festival for that… Foodbeast’s Oozefest!

Oozefest offers a variety of over 20+ savory and sweet cheesy menu items and all you can drink craft-beer. You can find creations like a rainbow grilled cheese, spaghetti & meatball pizza, and a bucket of nacho...

Get ready for the ultimate SUGAR rush. A NYC restaurant created a rainbow dessert pizza that’s sure to make you feel like a little kid.

Industry Kitchen’s Pop Candy Land pizza is made with a rainbow sugar-cookie crust, cream cheese frosting, pop rocks, and topped off with cotton candy.

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Everyone eats pizza in bed, but do they eat pizza in bed efficiently? That was the question that Boston Pizza had when they set out to make a pizza box specifically engineered for that very purpose. Now I won't have stains on my sheets I...