TAP Series Food Safety Manager Certification Course Quotes

"All of our exam results are in and it would be hard to be any happier. We had 143 students in the course of which 141 passed the exam (98.6% pass rate)! As if the pass rate weren't enough reason to rejoice the average score on the test was a 90.8%! As I've told you before, I did pretty well using the traditional class presentation but I never even came close to this pass rate and exam scores. This is just great. TAP is proving to be a remarkable training tool."

Andrew Hoxie, Associate Professor, CFSP, CCI, Department of Culinary Arts, Johnson & Wales University, Charlotte, NC

"OSI Restaurant Partners, LLC began their relationship with TAP in August of 2006. Since then we have made a wonderful partnership. TAP has gone above and beyond to help us with our many requirements. Their customer service is impeccable. The course and the website are easy to use, convenient and highly informative."

Tommi Mainor, OSI Restaurant Partners, LLC (Outback Steakhouse International)

"Trader Joes supports your Certified Food Manager’s training program. We are having great success with your program for our employees and management staff. We would consider it an advantage for those applicants who want to work in the food business, to have received prior training and certification in food safety and sanitation. Thanks for the service that your company supplies."

Winnie Kovac, Director Quality Assurance, Trader Joes

"Thanks for your continued detailed attention to your customers! I was truly impressed by your willingness to 'flex' with me given the problem we had with the delivery company. Our clients were thrilled with the extra information you sent. I told them that I was impressed at how succinct and precise your writing was. This was extremely helpful! Thanks again for your excellent customer service and your commitment to R&D!"

Gretchen C. Dorn, M.A., Hennipen College Department of Continuing Education

"Just so you know the student who got 100% on the final operates at a 4th grade reading and writing level."

Chef Erway, Job Corps

"I have reviewed a CD-ROM program, Training Achievement Program, that I feel gives our Store Managers the best opportunity to prepare for a food safety manager test. This program has many benefits, including:

My endorsement of the TAP course is from a standpoint of setting our team members up to pass a nationally recognized exam. I feel any of our team members completing this program with the same integrity required to operate our stores will be successful."

Jay Trimble, West Region, Dominos Pizza

"So far we have acknowledged the best attributes of the new TAP delivery to be:

Susan Marshall, Department Chair Culinary, Johnson & Wales University, Providence, Rhode Island

"In February we piloted the TAP Food Safety Program for inmate kitchen workers. As of mid September, we are training four inmates per day. When we first started the program I would select potential candidates. It didn't take long before the inmates were approaching me to take the program. This program works great for us because we are a small facility and the traditional classroom setting would not be feasible."

Rhonda Duchesneau CDM, CFPP, CFSM, Scott County Sheriff

"I am pleased to inform you that my Students have achieved a 100% pass rate using the TAP program. As a first time user of your product I am very happy with the results and would recommend this method highly! Thank you and your team!"

Michael J. Moran, Chef Instructor, Hospitality Management, Florida International University

"I find The Food Safety Manager Certification Training offered through TAP Series to be a comprehensive, interactive training program that helps my students learn essential safety and sanitation information. The progressive nature of the program requires students to work through all chapters in sequence, further adding to the comprehensive nature of the training. While I use the TAP program to augment our Quality Food Management course, the TAP program is rigorous enough to be used on its own. As an instructor, I find the support offered through Tap Series, to be unparalleled. They answer my every inquiry and request for assistance immediately and completely."

Carl P. Borchgrevink, Ph.D., CFBE, Associate Professor, The School of Hospitality Business, Michigan State University

"The provision of a no cost retraining warranty speaks to the assurance of the course adequately preparing foodservice professionals throughout the state of Illinois for passing their certification exam. In my tenure as a certified instructor of food service sanitation I have worked with a number of instructional packages, none of which have earned the all-around respect that I have for the TAP Series Food Safety Manager Certification course."

Beth Reutter, Food Safety Manager Certification Instructor, Illinois Department of Health Services, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

"Just a quick note to let you know how happy I am with the online training lesson we are using for Food Manager Certification and Recertification. As you know, we have been using your product for one full year now and am proud to report that not one student has failed the exam since I started using your program!!! Over 200 students tested now.

In addition, the ease in which I can sign students up for training, especially for recertification where they don’t even have to leave their store to recertify, is awesome. Thanks again for setting me up with this program, it has saved me tons of time and frustration."

Darin Averill, Director of Training, Holiday Station Stores Inc.

"It is nice to know that your department is always available to help with whatever questions and problem situations that we encounter in presenting the course. Great customer service!"

Michael Marra, Instructor, Johnson & Wales University

"Only one student did not pass. Not too shabby for the first time....but then again, you told me!!! Last word...your training is phenomenal! The kids really feel as though they WORKED for their certificates. Many thanks!"

Linda Sullivan, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

"I have just completed the TAP Food Safety Manager’s course and I wanted to share my comments. I am in the process of studying for the NEHA RESH/RS certification but my food background was weak. I thought the course was excellent. The videos inside the online course were very informative and the exercises were also very helpful. Both training techniques helped break up the monotony of a normal lecture type training. All in all I think you have an excellent product and I would recommend it to any company that needs to provide training to management personnel in the area of food safety."

Paul Cotter, RPIH, CPI

"The online CA RBS (California Responsible Beverage Server) training worked out GREAT! It was the perfect solution for us and we truly appreciate how easy you made it for us."

Elke Bosworth, Manager of Training & Development - Elephant Bar Global Grill/Wok Kitchen

"We had our first two students take the exam. They passed with a 93 and 96!! We are very encouraged by the results. Thanks for all your help."

Caroline McNamara, Sr. Public Health Sanitarian, Monroe County New York Health Department

"As always thanks for the help. I wish all our on-line programs were as helpful as you guys."

Mildred Switzer, Adjunct Instructor, Instructor Emeritus, University of Alabama