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Allergen Plan Specialist

Allergen Plan Specialist
Certificate Valid For: 3 years
Approximate Time: 1.5 - 2 hours
Compatible On: Computers, tablets, and smartphones.
Available Languages: English
Price: $49.95

Allergen Plan Special list is the final course to complete to earn your Allergen Friendly Certificate. After completing the prerequisite courses Allergen Awareness and Allergen Plan Development, your operation may decide to have someone who knows how to evaluate and document allergens in the operation’s products. In this course, the student is provided with an in-depth understanding of food allergens, product ingredients, and common allergen food items. With this knowledge, the student learns how to evaluate a menu and its recipes for their food products. Knowing all the products used by the operation, the student learns how to identify the food allergen ingredients in the products. The student learns when to be alert to potential ingredient changes, how to communicate with suppliers, and what to do about product recalls due to allergen mislabeling or undeclared allergens. The student learns how to use this knowledge to create a database to track each allergen, from product to menu. In Lesson 2, the student learns all the steps of an operation and how to develop written protocols for each step. Through discussions of receiving, storage, ordering, cooking and serving, the student learns how to work with other staff to evaluate each step of the operation from an allergen view point. Using this knowledge, the student is taught to develop short written directions as guides for staff. Forms of written communication are addressed and what should and should not be said to customers. Upon successful completion of the course, the student will earn a certificate that is valid for three years. And with Certificate Verification on our website, regulators or employers can quickly validate your certificate to confirm the student holds a current certificate.