Test Centers

Test centers charge a fee to administer the exam. Prices are subject to change. Checking with more than one test center is advised.

National Examination Centers

If you are already scheduled for your ANSI proctored exam, your proctor will tell you what you need to know. If you don’t already have an ANSI proctored scheduled, you can go to a local test center to take the required ANSI accredited Food Safety Manager Examination. If you use a test center, you will have to pay the exam company for the exam. Be sure to complete the entire training course to assure your best chance of passing the examination on your first attempt.

Pearson Vue: 1,400 test centers, cost is $80.

Pearson Vue test centers offer the National Registry CFPM exam (National Registry is owned by ServSafe)

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Ohio Test Center Procedure

Ohio test center users need to send a copy of the TAP Training Certificate and exam certificate to the state. Click here for instructions.

Illinois Test Center Procedure

An ANSI accredited Certified Food Protection Manager (CFPM) certification obtained through a course, such as TAP Series and passing the an ANSI accredited Certified Food Protection Manager (CFPM) exam is considered certified by all departments of public health except in the city of Chicago. The city of Chicago recognizes the CFPM certification as the State but the city of Chicago requires the manager to apply for the Chicago certificate. The city of Chicago charges a fee for the certificate. Each operation is required to have a certified manager on duty at all times food is being handled. Certified Food Safety Manager must also be certified in allergen awareness.

How to Obtain a Certificate from the City of Chicago

Finish TAP's approved 8-hour training course.

Pass an ANSI proctored exam, such as Always Food Safe.

Kennedy-King College accepts applications for the City of Chicago Food Service Sanitation certificate for a cost of $52. https://www.ccc.edu/colleges/kennedy/departments/Documents/FoodService-SanitationApplication.pdf. A certificate is valid for five years.

All non-full certification employees that handle food or food contact surfaces must have a food handler certification (cooks, wait-staff, buss staff and bartenders). If you need a copy of that national certificate, contact the exam company directly for a duplicate.

Ron Thomas
Safe Food Handlers Corporation
New Berlin, IL 62670

Local Examination Centers


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For paper based exam, click here to view Ohio food safety manager examination proctors.

Mark Bakos and Associates


866.826.2682 (toll free)



Rhode Island/Connecticut/Massachusetts

Dottie LeBeau/FSC: (401)385-9040

Testing available in 8 different languages including Spanish and Chinese.


Fred T. Faria, Faria Associates: (401)828-5355

email: ftfaria001@gmail.com

Spanish and other languages offered


Ken Bakos

On Focus Solutions



Chicago — New Jersey — New York

Maria Santa Lucia

Santa Lucia Food Safety Consulting LLC

(773) 502-5262


email: aristocratfpm@aol.com


Liz Aarts

Aristocrat Food Safety Training

(972) 612-0771

email: aristocratfpm@aol.com


John Carlino


935 Park Ave

Lake Park, Florida 33403

(561) 676-7076


email: ChefCarlino@ChefCorp.com

Northwest Indiana

Rodney Trussell

Sanitized On Safety



email: SanitizedOnSafety@gmail.com