Ohio Manager Certification in Food Protection

To request an Ohio Manager Certification in Food Protection, You need to email or send three documents to the Ohio Department of Health (ODH).

Where do I take the ANSI accredited test?

Test centers or Ohio State University Extension Offices are available to take the ANSI accredited test

What do I need to send to the Ohio Department of Health (ODH)?

  1. The TAP Series certificate of completion you printed after completing the course.
  2. The test certificate that you will receive after passing the proctored exam.
  3. Application for Ohio Department of Health Manager Certification in Food Protection. Fill out and be sure to sign the application.

Next, make a copy of each document. Keep the originals. Email or send in all three documents to the email or mailing address on the ODH Application for Reciprocity application. In a few weeks, the Ohio Department of Health will send you your Ohio Level Two Certificate.

If your ANSI test proctor is an ODH approved provider, for example, Ohio State University Extension Offices, the proctor will automatically send the TAP Series certificate and test certificate to the ODH for processing of the Ohio Certificate, therefore, if the student is using an approved provider, the application is not needed. Prometric and National Registry examinations are approved examinations. ANSI test proctor costs vary. Please confirm those costs ahead of scheduling your ANSI test.