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Multiple Management Levels:

Manage students by locations/classes, by locations/classes inside regions/campuses, or by locations/classes inside regions/campuses in a corporate/multi-campus system.


Simply input the student's name and email address and TAP-TRAC creates and assigns the user names and passwords to the students. Students can also be enrolled by uploading an Excel file.

Study Guidelines

Set study requirements by “lesson questions must be correct”, or “minimum lesson scores”, and/or number of lessons required per week.

Virtual Management:

TAP-TRAC automatically follows each student's progress based on schedules and competencies set by the instructor, communicates with students who are not in compliance, provides each instructor with a weekly status report, and provides program administrators with the status of each class.

Auto-Enrollment Notification:

TAP-TRAC sends an email to each enrolled student with their codes, a link to start the course, and technical support contact information.

Sort Student Reports By:

Date Range, Date Added, First Name, Last Name, or User Name.

Transfer Students:

Students can be easily transferred from one TAP class to another.

Communicate To Students By:

Individual student, sub-group of students, or an entire class group.

Custom Lesson:

Enhance any course by adding custom study materials to a single location/class or an entire company/campus account. Using the TAP-TRAC quiz builder, an assessment of the study materials can be created. Custom Lesson scores appear on the course’s Score Report.