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Allergen Plan Development

Allergen Plan Development
Certificate Valid For:  3 years
Available Languages:  English
Completion Time:  1.5 - 2 hours

Course Overview

Skills You Will Achieve: Customer Interaction, Risk Assessment, Cleaning and Sanitation, Cross-Contamination Prevention, Regulations and Compliance, Allergen Awareness, Menu Adaptation.

About This Course

Crafting Allergen-Friendly Experiences: Enroll in TAP’s Allergen Plan Development Course!

Ever wondered how top-notch establishments ensure allergen-friendly meals? Look no further than our Allergen Plan Development Course, meticulously curated based on the questions posed by seasoned managers. This comprehensive course guides management through every facet of handling food allergens, empowering them to make informed decisions that resonate with their operation's ethos.

In-Depth Exploration:

User-Friendly Approach: Walk through the complexities of food allergens seamlessly with a user-friendly interface.

Decision-Making Empowerment: Delve into a series of thought-provoking questions, allowing management to tailor accommodations to their unique operational needs.

Full Awareness: Even if high-level accommodations aren't feasible, operations will make decisions with a clear understanding of what they are offering and what is not provided.

Building a Strong Foundation:

Allergen Plan Creation: Operations committed to extensive accommodations will conclude the course with a robust foundation for shaping their personalized Allergen Plan.

Saved and Ready for Implementation: Save the plan and use it as a roadmap to develop a meticulous food allergen safety process within your operation.

Certification That Matters:

Valid for Three Years: Earn a certificate upon successful completion, valid for three years, signaling your commitment to excellence in allergen safety.

Watermarked Assurance: Our certificates are watermarked, assuring authenticity and quality.

Certificate Verification:

Instant Validation: Employ our Certificate Verification feature on our website for swift confirmation of a certificate's validity.

Regulator and Employer Confidence: Regulators and employers can efficiently validate certificates, ensuring that the certification is up-to-date.

Elevate your operation's commitment to allergen safety – enroll today and empower your team to create memorable, allergen-friendly dining experiences!

Course Facts

Elevate Your Expertise with Our Allergen Awareness Certification Course!

Course Highlights:

Certification: Earn your prestigious Allergen Awareness

Certificate Renewal: Stay ahead with a renewal requirement every 3 years.

Efficiency: Complete the course in just 1.5-2 hours.

Flexibility: Learn at your own pace, with the option to save progress as you go.

Learning Reinvented:

Online Access: Immerse yourself in 100% online training, available 24/7.

Stay Current:

Up-to-Date Content: Experience the latest industry insights with regularly updated course content.

Invest in Your Knowledge:

Discover the convenience of online learning and equip yourself with the essential Allergen Awareness Certification. Enroll now to stay at the forefront of industry standards! #AllergenAwareness #CertificationCourse #OnlineLearningExcellence


Topics Covered

  1. Food Allergen Awarness
  2. Examination

What You'll Learn

  • Develop clear answers to common "ask your manager" questions about food allergens.
  • Navigate elements of food allergens in a food operation, enabling informed management decisions on what accommodations to implement.
  • Evaluate various levels of accommodation for food allergen safety through a series of questions and options.
  • Create a foundational Allergen Plan for accommodations, to develop the details of your operation's food allergen process.

Regulatory Information

American National Standards Institute (ANAB) Headquarters

  • Tel: 202 293 8020
  • Fax: 202 293 9287
  • Address: 1899 L Street, NW 11th floor Washington, DC 20036


Q: Is there a prerequisite for this course?

Yes, Allergen Awareness certificate is required prior to Allergen Plan Development to earn your Allergen Friendly Certificate

Q: What are the Allergen Development Certificate Course requirements?

Engage with the course content and showcase your expertise by achieving a commendable 70 percent or better on each lesson. Seal your proficiency with the examination – a 20-question test that requires a passing score of 70 percent or higher. Elevate your establishment's commitment to allergen-friendly dining through comprehensive learning.

Q: What is covered in the Allergen Development Certificate Course?

Navigate the intricate decisions involved in determining accommodation for allergen-friendly dining. Identify essential protocols that an allergen-friendly establishment should have in place, understand the preparedness required in case of a customer reaction, and recognize how being allergy-friendly can foster loyalty and boost your establishment's bottom line.

Q: How many lessons are there in the Allergen Development Certificate Course?

Embark on a journey of knowledge acquisition with two lessons that delve into the core aspects of allergen-friendly dining. Conclude your learning experience with the final exam, solidifying your grasp on creating a safe and inclusive dining environment.

Ready to Navigate the World of Allergen-Friendly Dining? Enroll Now in the Allergen Development Certificate Course! #AllergenFriendly #DiningExperience #CertificateCourse